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22nd International Academic Technical Conference «Geoforum 2017»

22nd Academic Technical Conference «Geoforum 2017» will be held on April 25–27, 2017, in Lviv Polytechnic on the territory of «Perlyna Lvova» resort in Bryuhovychi. The organizing committee is pleased to invite academics, engineers, professionals, servicemen, experts, businessmen, PhD students and undergraduate students to participate in the Conference.

Conference topics:

  • Education in geodesy, cartography and land surveying, Bologna process;
  • Studying the shape and outer gravitational field of the Earth using ground-based and satellite methods;
  • Introducing a new УСК-2000 system of co-ordinates in Ukraine and the issue of creating the altitude component of the system of co-ordinates;
  • GNSS technologies development and exploitation;
  • Creating and introducing a network of active permanent GNSS stations;
  • The issues of creating modern geodesic networks of big cities;
  • Modern tendencies in cartography and cartography industry development;
  • The state and prospects of digital photogrammetry development;
  • The issues of introducing national infrastructure of geospatial data;
  • Geodesic support for nuclear power plants, combined heat and power plants, bridges, tunnels, roads, railways, industrial construction, geodesic monitoring in construction;
  • Trends in automation of engineering geodesic and mine surveying work;
  • Tendencies in modern geodesic and photogrammetrical instrument manufacturing development;
  • The state and issues of geodesic metrology;
  • Hydrology and marine geodesy;
  • Modern land surveying, cadastre and the issues of land and property appraisal in Ukraine and in the world;
  • Military navigation and GIS technologies;
  • Public geodesic societies and organizations work.

A new volume of Western Geodesic Society journal (2017, v.1) is to be published. It usually publishes articles of the Conference participants, information about education, academic, industrial and public life, official current news. Deadline for articles submission – January 15, 2017.

Organizing committee contact information:

12 St. Bandera str., Lviv-13, 79013, Ukraine,
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Geodesy, «Geoforum 2017» Organizing committee,
tel. +38 (032) 258 27 19, e-mail: itrevoho@gmail.com.

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