International Academic Practical Conference «Conservation and Revalorization of Monuments in the Village of Pidhirtsi»

International Academic Practical Conference «Conservation and Revalorization of Monuments in the Village of Pidhirtsi. Reconstruction of the Destroyed St. Michael’s Church» will be held on March 25, 2017, in Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Conference venue – room 204 of the University main building (12 St. Bandera str.). Beginning – 10 am.

Conference participants include officials from Lviv regional state administration, Taras Vozniak, Director of Borys Voznytskiy National Gallery of Arts, Mykola Haida, ICOMOS UA President, Professor Marina Dohering-Williams (Vienna University of Technology), Doctor Anton Kraner (Innsbruck University), Herchardt Hauser, architect-engineer (Innsbruck), Doctor Andreas Weninger (OEAD Ukraine Director), administration and academics of Lviv Polytechnic National University – Professor Bohdan Cherkes, Director of the Institute of Architecture, Professor Mykola Bebz, Associate Professor Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska, dedicated researcher of Pidhirtsi heritage, Associate Professors Ihor Bokalo and Oleh Rybchynskiy, Ihor Kavych, Director of «Sholom-Pidhirtsi» public organization.

During the round table discussion, a number of issues are to be discussed. They include the Program of revalorization of monuments in the village of Pidhirtsi, reviewing the village development general plan taking into account the items of the developed program as well as marking conservation zones of monuments and landscape, developing project documentation for reconstructing wooden St. Michael’s church, which was destroyed by fire, developing restoration documentation for reconstructing monuments and receiving their approval, conservation of the foundations of this church and cleaning the territory of the historical church cemetery.

On the eve of the Conference, on March 24, exhibition «Architectural and archaeological heritage of the village of Pidhirtsi. International research experience» will be opened in front of the Assembly Hall in the University main building at 10 am. After the opening, at 11 am, there will be held a press conference and а meeting in Pidhirtsi.

For further information, please, contact Oresta Remeshylo-Rybchynska, tel.: +38 (067) 714 8107, e-mail:

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