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V International Congress «Sustainable Development. Energy Saving. Sustainable Environmental Management»

The Organizing Committee invites you to take part in the V International Congress «Sustainable Development: Environment Protection. Energy Saving. Sustainable Environmental Management», which will be held on September 26–29, 2018 in the Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The purpose of the Congress is to gather experts on sustainable development – environmental, economic and social – to exchange the ideas, discuss trends in sustainable development, make directions and plans for further researches, establish fruitful relationships and encourage talented young people to do research.

The main directions of the Congress:

  1. Environmental aspects, biodiversity preservation, monitoring, audit, systems analysis and risk assessment;
  2. Renewable and nontraditional energy sources;
  3. Innovative technology for nature conservation. Technologies to improve efficiency of materials, water and energy use;
  4. Education for sustainable development;
  5. Economic management support of the development, implementation and commercialization of environmental innovations in the system of sustainable development;
  6. Development of ecotourism in the aspect of sustainable development;
  7. Civil security in the aspect of sustainable development.

The deadline for registration, submission of the abstracts and articles as well as a scanned payment of registration fees, is on August 1, 2018.