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Heat and Ventilation Department history

Heat and Ventilation Specialty was founded on the Engineering Faculty in 1961. First graduation took place in 1966, amouniting just 1 students' group. Assistant professor Oleksandr Bedylo was Head of Department of that time.

In 1970 Heat and Ventilation Specialty was transferred to the Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering Department of the newly established Heat Engineering Faculty. Students — 2 academic groups of full-time study. First graduation of correspondence study students took place in 1970. Since 1974 training of evening study engineers was opened. Assistant professor Yaroslav Stasykiv was Head of Department.

In 1977 “Heat and Ventilation” Specialty was transferred to separately established Heat and Ventilation Department of Heat Engineering Faculty. Students — 4 academic groups of full-time study, 2 academic groups of correspondence study, 1 academic group of evening study. Assistant professor Yevhen Ivanus was Head of Department. Heat and Ventilation Department provides teaching of students of 10 specialties in Lviv Polytechnic National University. It is the graduate Department, lecturers of which developed curriculums for major 6.0921 Construction and Specialty 7.092108, 8.092108 Heat and Ventilation. About 55 specialists and masters of Heat and Ventilation Specialty of full-time and correspondence study graduate from Heat and Ventilation Department annually.

Aerodynamics research laboratory and thermophysics, heating, heat and gas supply study laboratories function at the Department.

Department graduates work in urban and regional gas economy management, centralized heat supply subdivisions, design institutes and companies, construction and start-up organizations, housing and communal sector.

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