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LPNU and Noosphere Partner to Improve Innovation Ecosystem

1 Mar 2017, 12:01

Students and scholars from LPNU have started working with the Noosphere Engineering School. On February 27, the Lviv Tech StartUp School hosted Noosphere StudTechFest. The event hoped to popularize engineering professions among students and encourage them to get involved in developing engineering solutions and other innovative products.

The event brought together students, postgraduates and lecturers who wanted to pursue new interests. Event organizer and the director of Lviv Tech StartUp School Prof Nazariy Podolchak explained that Noosphere StudTechFest was a unique venue to  promote the spirit of startups among students. He suggested that students could work on innovative projects which could enter the market at the end of the university year.

When asked why he decided to work with Noosphere, Prof. Podolchak answered         “First, we already have experience working with this leading, international company on other projects.  Noosphere Ventures, founded by Max Polyakov, is headquartered in San Francisco, right near Stanford University, and has regional branches in 19 different countries. The company has a lot of international experience of creating innovation ecosystems and transforming startups into market leaders. The Noosphere Engineering School is example that should be followed to see what students and young scholars can develop and achieve. Noosphere also follows the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and is constantly coming up with great initiatives like the Vernadsky Challenge or FAI student hackathon.

On top of that, Noosphere volunteered to modernize the laboratory of the Lviv Tech StartUp School with new equipment that will open new opportunities for product development to school employees. In addition, Noosphere will help our projects as they enter the market. The laboratory is being renovated now and will be opened soon at the coworking centre at Kolessy street 2.”

At StudTechFest representatives of the Noosphere Engineering School also presented their latest projects, like an in-house designed drone, the robot NAO, a ballistic firing control system “ArtOS”, the “My Police” app and many others. For the Lviv Tech StartUp School it was a great time to announce a contest for the best device to optimize student-professor communication.

The Lviv Tech StartUp School also announced a joint contest with the Lviv City council to develop a universal student ID card that could also be used to make purchases at public facilities.