Lviv Polytechnic – brand and image of Ukraine: summing up the latest University Academic Board meeting

6 Apr 2017, 12:42
Kateryna Hrechyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

The latest University Academic Board meeting, which was held on March 28, dealt with the state and prospects for the development of the Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology, fulfilling the program for work informatization and academic journals of Lviv Polytechnic. Resolutions were made on each issue.

Awards and diplomas

The meeting started with awards and diplomas. According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine, Oksana Zalisko, senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Education, was awarded a title of «Distinguished worker of physical education of Ukraine». Honourary diplomas from the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were given to Petro Kostrubiy, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics, Myroslav Sanytskyy, Head of the Department of Building Production, Stepan Slyvka, Head of the Department of the Theory and Philosophy of Law, Iryna Farion, professor at the Department of the Ukrainian Language, and Volodymyr Honcharuk, associate professor at the Department of Civil Safety. Oleh Synyutka, Head of Lviv regional state administration, presenting the awards together with Professor Yuriy Bobalo, Lviv Polytechnic Rector, said that Lviv Polytechnic is now a brand and an image not only of Lviv region but of Ukraine.

Verkhovna Rada Committee for Eurointegration sent a letter, in which it is said that Professor Oleh Kuzmin, Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, Olha Melnyk, Head of the Department of Foreign Trade and Customs, and Volodymyr Zhezhuha, associate professor at this Department, developed (as part of a team of authors) Draft of the Law of Ukraine «On making changes to the Law of Ukraine «On cross-border co-operation», which was registered on February 12, 2017.

Rector gave diplomas to the winners of the 2nd Round of All-Ukrainian Student Competitions, contests of student academic works, academic contests and to their academic supervisors. Serhiy Milchevych, associate professor at the Department of Design and Architecture Fundamentals, Arsen Koval, student at the Institute of Economics and Management, and Iryna Somyk, pupil of the 11th form at school № 81, obtained «Pearson Test of English» international certificates. According to the results of 2016, Lyudmyla Moroz, associate professor at the Department of Human Resource Management and Administration of the Institute of Economics and Management, was awarded the status of «Best article of the year». Yuriy Yaroslavovych gave her diplomas for the 2nd and 3rd prize according to European-Asian and National contests.

A group of polytechnics were given diplomas of doctors and candidates of sciences.

A successful start for the Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

Professor Valeriy Dudykevych, Head of the Academic Board organizing commission, reported on the results of the Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology check-up. Volodymyr Ortynskyy, Director of the Institute, reported on the state and prospects for the development of the Institute, namely on the work of its staff on improving the educational process, personnel and educational-methodological support, research, improving the infrastructure, increasing the quality of expert training, training doctors and candidates of sciences, work of the specialized academic boards, international co-operation, etc.

He said that monographs were published, 32 coursebooks and textbooks were printed, 861 articles were published in academic periodicals, which are in the list of professional journals of Ukraine, 309 articles were published in journals that are in the international scientometrical databases during the reported period. He also said about the thematic series of the University Herald «Legal Sciences». During the reported period, 4 doctoral theses and 27 candidate theses were defended. Students of the 4th and 5th year of studies, who work together with the Center for free legal aid, gave 307 consultations. Volodymyr Lvovych also talked about the prospects for the development of the Institute in 2017–2021.

Academic Board members took into account the positive sides of the work of the Institute but also paid attention to certain drawbacks, which the staff of the Institute were recommended to work on.

University informatization in its development

The issue of University informatization embraces a wide range of tasks, which are to be completed not only by IS and services developers, administrators, but also users such as professors, lecturers, engineers and assistants. Vice-Rector Dmytro Fedasyuk and Andriy Peleshchyshyn, Head of the Academic Board commission, reported on fulfilling the program for Lviv Polytechnic informatization. They attracted attention to the important results of informatization, problems and new challenges. Developing and providing quality functioning of network infrastructure on campus and in the dormitories; introducing interactive forms and methods of learning, new information and telecommunication technologies in the educational process; further development of University Virtual educational environment; modernization and improvement of the management structure work efficiency; introducing software tools for finding out plagiarism in the texts of course and diploma papers, academic publications and theses; improvement of the University information analytical system, etc. are among them.

Dmytro Vasylyovych stressed that in order to complete these tasks, we need to improve our infrastructure, telecommunication infrastructure. We have to introduce distance classes, organize and equip rooms for video lectures for students, etc.

Academic periodicals

The issue of publishing, academic publications in particular, is the fundamental characteristic of the activity and quality of research in Lviv Polytechnic. That is why, Academic Board listened to Vice-Rector Nataliya Chuhray, who reported on the University academic periodicals. She focused on the academic-information, image and regulatory components, which encourage academics to publish their articles in academic periodicals. She maintained that not all editorial boards of the University journals keep to the number of volumes and publishing standards according to the Registration Certificate. They do not take due care of the quality of reviewing, especially works written in English. She suggested introducing the practice of anonymous reviewing and automated submission of articles to the editorial board. Nataliya Ivanivna hopes that these suggestions will increase the quality of academic publications, provide professional reviewing and increase the level of the impact-factor of the University periodicals.


Academic Board members recommended Oleh Matviykiv, professor at the Department of Computer-Aided Design, for the post of Vice-Rector for Education ad International Relations by secret ballot. They also approved the changes and amendments to the «Admissions regulations», Provision on Admissions Office, they recommended 36 academic periodicals to be published and spread through Internet. They also discussed a number of other important issues.