Lviv Polytechnic to co-operate with Polish Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław

11 Apr 2017, 16:14
Borys Kozlovskiy, Lviv Polytechnic Press Service

It goes without saying that Lviv Polytechnic National University has the biggest number of agreements on co-operation in the field of science and education with Polish educational institutions. These are our nearest neighbours, and we are united by long-term and fruitful co-operation.

Not long ago, a group of academics together with Professor Kszysztof Reiman, Rector of Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics, came to our University. Mr Reiman and Professor Yuriy Bobalo, Lviv Polytechnic Rector, signed a permanent framework agreement on co-operation between the two higher educational institutions.

The fields of co-operation include joint research and exchange of the results, trips of students and academics, including internship. The agreement also presupposes implementing the popular Erasmus+ program on students’ and lecturers’ academic mobility.

Professor Mykhailo Lobur, Head of the Department of Computer-Aided Design at Lviv Polytechnic, initiated the establishment of contacts between the two educational institutions.

According to Professor Oleh Matviykiv, Vice-Rector for Education and International Relations, the co-operation with Jarosław Higher School of Technology and Economics is very interesting for us, particularly, because this Polish city is located near the border. Nowadays an EU program, which unites Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, is being implemented. Projects in the fields of economics, technology, tourism and administration can be financed within the framework of this co-operation.