On students’ activity, participation in international programs, awards: results of the Academic Board April meeting

27 Apr 2017, 15:18
Iryna Martyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

April meeting of the Academic Board dealt with important issues of student self-government, analysis of the Lviv Polytechnic participation in Erasmus+ programs, approval of the changes and amendments to the Admissions regulations for 2017 and awarding lecturers and professors.

The meeting started in a non-traditional way. This time Academic Board welcomed their guests – Andriy Todoshchuk, deputy head of Lviv Customs Office, and Oksana Yurynets, people’s deputy of Ukraine and Lviv Polytechnic associate professor. Andriy Todoshchuk (our alumnus), who has been co-operating with the Department of Foreign Trade and Customs, gave diplomas to the best students of the Department and their professors for co-operation with Lviv Customs Office. Oksana Yurynets gave awards «For services to the people of Ukraine» to lecturers and professors, who take active part in parliamentary and committee hearings, round table discussions of important issues.

Best students, who during the month of April won student competitions or were awarded in student conferences, also received their awards. Academic Board was in favour of putting forward Vitaliy Romaka, associate professor at the Department of Applied Materials Science and Materials Engineering, as a candidate for Verkhovna Rada scholarship for the most talented young scientists.

Vasyl Kozyk, head of the commission for students and youth policy, reported on the state and prospects for student self-government development at the University. Vice-Rector Roman Korzh and Oleksandr Nykolyak, head of the Student Union, also made reports. They dealt with student self-government participation in making important decisions, in international student work, in Science Festivities and Litteris et Artibus festivals, in University management, in supporting students’ rights and interests, etc. There is a special item in the Academic Board resolution on this issue, on helping student self-government realize students’ initiatives.

Academic Board members also heard and discussed the report of Oleh Matviykiv, Vice-Rector for International Relations, on international educational co-operation within Erasmus+. It was decided that participation of Lviv Polytechnic students and lecturers in the international projects within this program should be considered a priority in developing international co-operation. The Centre for international education was recommended to inform lecturers and students more about Erasmus+ projects, КА1 (academic mobility), КА2 (co-operation projects), Jean Monnet projects, in particular.