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Yuriy Bobalo, Lviv Polytechnic Rector, wished Happy Easter to University structural units heads

14 Apr 2017, 11:13
Lviv Polytechnic Press Service

On the eve of Easter celebrations, Yuriy Bobalo, Lviv Polytechnic National University Rector, had a meeting with the directors of institutes and heads of other structural units and wished them Happy Easter.

In his short speech, he said that this bright holiday brings spiritual revival, joy, new hopes and expectations to every person. It makes each and every one of us see the world and feel ourselves in it in a new way, evaluate the purity of our thoughts, wishes and actions. It also makes us kinder, more sympathetic and patient to each other.

All our further success, – Rector said, – depends on our standing united, on the way we strengthen our common polytechnic family.

University Rector wished happiness, love, faith in better future to Lviv polytechnics and their families, and gave them paskas. He read the list of greetings which were sent to Lviv Polytechnic from government officials, institutions, organizations and church hierarchs.