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The development of Lviv Polytechnicians will be shown at the International Import Expo 2018 in Shanghai

9 Oct 2018, 16:17
According to the Uryadovyi Kurier newspaper

At the beginning of November, Shanghai will host the I International Import Expo 2018 where the enterprises from over 65 countries will represent their goods and technologies of the 21st century. Ukrainian inventors will also join the event.

One of the most interesting things at the exhibition will be goods and up-to-date technologies of the private enterprise UKRTECHMED. The company develops surgical atraumatic technologies and produces rehabilitation equipment and materials.

According to Volodymyr Tavokin, the Director of the UKRTECHMED company, the ultramodern joint developments with Lviv Polytechnic National University – hydrogel dressing – will go to China:

It is a sterile wound covering, which ensures the closure and protection of wounds from contamination, infection and other negative external influences. It has cooling, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and wound healing effects. Due to hydrogel, it does not stick to the wound, does not injure the wound surface during dressing, helps to quickly clean the wound, removes fibrin plaque, dissolves dead tissue, enhances the process of forming granulation and epithelization, and creates conditions for acceleration of the healing of wounds of various origins.

Volodymyr Tavokin notes that although such dressings are made in the world, for example in the USA, Ukrainian ones are unique. He explains this by the fact that the company produces specialized matrices for each of the dressing, which are saturated with various medications, and there is no such technology anywhere in the world.