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Dual education is a step towards a European Education Area: cooperation between Polytechnic and CCI Erfurt lasts for more than a year

24 Jul 2018, 09:18
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

One of the priority tasks for Lviv Polytechnic is to enter the European level of Education. To implement dual education system at University, for more than a year, there has been cooperation between the German-Ukrainian Education Center at Lviv Polytechnic and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt (Thuringia, Germany).

Recently, there was an important meeting of Thomas Fahlbusch, the Head of the Department of Education and Training at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt, the leading employers of Lviv region and scientists of Lviv Polytechnic, during which the participants had an opportunity to learn the peculiarities of cooperation between education institutions and business regarding probation and employment of students and graduates of German colleges and universities.

– For us, this meeting is extremely important, as discussing with potential employers the probable probation of our students in their enterprises with the possibilities of scholarships, we raised a lot of complicated issues and identified problems which we have to solve, said Roman Korzh, vice rector of Polytechnic.

Professor Gerard Grousser, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt shared his opinions on the prospects for cooperation and the opportunities of dual education system:

– What are the main prospects for cooperation with Lviv Polytechnic and in what areas?

 Skilled workers are the basis for economic development in Ukraine, Germany and, of course, in Europe. The education in Lviv Polytechnic is at a very high level. The advantage of high education in Germany lies in its close relationship with the economy. The combination of these two unique characteristics became the motivation for cooperation between Lviv Polytechnic and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Together, we can train the most in-demand specialists for enterprises and provide European education standards.

– What do you think should be done to implement dual education system in our university?

 The advantage of the German education system lies in active cooperation with enterprises. If Ukrainian firms provide places for probation period during and after studies, it will make it possible to move closer to German education standards. Comparison of curricula has shown that Polytechnic already provides almost all the necessary knowledge. There is only a shortage of practical component, so you need the interest from enterprises. The enterprise should contribute to the process of dual education and thus contribute to a practice-oriented education.