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International Conference Computer Science and Information Technologies is held in Lviv Polytechnic

12 Sep 2018, 11:56
Press service of Lviv Polytechnic

Traditionally, at the beginning of September, representatives of the most modern branch of human knowledge – Computer Science and Information Technologies – come to Lviv from all over the world. On September 11, 2018, the XIII International Scientific Conference Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT 2018) started its work at Lviv Polytechnic National University.

The scientific meeting was jointly organized and conducted by the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies of Lviv Polytechnic, the Faculty of Computer Science of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lodz University of Technology (Poland), the Association of Electrical Engineers of Ukraine and a number of IT companies.

A welcome speech was delivered by Professor Mykola Medykovskyi, the director of the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies. Professor Oleh Matviikiv, Vice Rector for Research and International Relations, also welcomed the participants and the guests of the conference.

According to Professor Nataliia Shakhovska, the head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems, representatives from more than 20 countries of the world take part in this year’s meeting. It is noteworthy that all participants’ reports and speeches are in English. Materials of the conference will be published in the corresponding collection, as well as in the famous German journal The Springer.

Will the conference participants reveal any secrets that can later be used or somehow practically applied?

– The conference itself, stated Ms. Nataliia, is an applied one. If talking about secrets, the exchange of experience here is held very cautiously. For example, one of the speakers told about the results he received during the computer processing of medical images. But he did not tell what method was used. Of course, if such technology is implemented, the method will be revealed to the professionals.