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Lviv Polytechnic launched the first in Ukraine Innovative Exhibition of StartUp Market Inventions

16 Nov 2018, 11:00
Press service of Lviv Polytechnic

Recently an unusual exhibition of inventions was opened at Tech StartUp School of Lviv Polytechnic – a permanent exhibition store. It gathers people with promising ideas and projects and representatives of big investment business, who are interested in these developments and will implement them.

At the opening of the exhibition, Professor Nataliia Chukhrai, Vice Rector for Scientific Research of Lviv Polytechnic, emphasized that the purpose of this innovation project is to unite and present the most up-to-date projects and their prototypes, as well as to assist inventors to commercialize their inventions. It’s also about creating successful startups and getting innovative products to national and international markets. It will be an effective platform for startups and corporate business, and all innovators who wish to show their developments can become the participants.

Today 25 teams and individual developers of startup projects presented their inventions. Anyone, who has a ready-made prototype or close to finishing it, can join. That is, the development must be ready and we can exhibit it. We do it for free, said Professor Nazar Podolchak, Director of Tech StartUp School. Coordinator of Tech StartUp Market Dmytro Donchenko expressed hope that search for promising startups and their involvement in cooperation would take place not only in Lviv, but throughout Ukraine.

Thus, at the exhibition Lviv engineer Yurii Petrylo presented a prototype of robotic hands, which, according to the inventor’s intention, can participate even in demining the territories on the East of the country, and Lingart startup – a platform for audiobooks.

A useful eco-technological project was presented by KOLO developers who proposed to collect and recycle old electronic devices: some of them are restored, others are converted into various household products: jewelry, notebooks, magnets, etc. Another interesting development was Helmfon helmet project, designed for negotiations in crowded places and it has already been commissioned by foreign investors.