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The most ambitious educational projects of the year by Lviv IT Cluster are connected with Polytechnic

31 Dec 2018, 15:48
Lviv IT Cluster

2018 is coming to an end – thus, it’s time to sum up the activities of Lviv IT Cluster. This year turned out to be particularly successful for the organization: Cluster carried out new projects, rapidly developed the previous ones and enlarged the amount of its members. Today, Lviv IT Cluster combines 95 participants, including 84 IT companies, as well as partners and universities.

Modernization of IT education in Ukraine is one of the priorities of Lviv IT Cluster, as quality education nurture professionals who will soon create a new business environment in Ukraine. To educate worthy employees, future competitors and business partners, IT Cluster is working on three educational projects for pupils and students: IT Expert, IT Future and IT Challenge.

Within the IT Expert program in 2018, 4 new training programs were launched, three of them – Robotics, Business Analysis and Cyber Security – at Lviv Polytechnic National University. In general, under the patronage of IT Cluster, there are already launched 9 innovative bachelor’s degree programs under which 741 students study and 80 specialists from Lviv IT companies work.

For better and more comfortable study, Lviv IT Cluster together with local IT companies has opened 4 new laboratories, including two laboratories of the Internet of Things in Lviv Polytechnic, from Sigma, PLVision, SoftServe, Conscencia, Intellias, Perfectial and Vakom.

Another educational project by IT Cluster is IT Challenge – an IT school competition organized for young IT talents by Lviv IT Cluster together with Lviv Polytechnic National University and Lviv City Council. The project is intended to motivate pupils to develop their skills at school and to promote the study of Mathematics and English.