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The road ahead for knowledge: first annual convocation ceremony to welcome new students was hold in University

3 Sep 2018, 10:50
Press service of Lviv Polytechnic

The first annual convocation ceremony to welcome new students to University was a bright feast of youth and knowledge. This memorable event took place on September 1 in a traditional venue – the square in front of the fourth education building.

The leaders of University, representatives of the authorities, public organizations and business structures, numerous guests and parents came to congratulate new students of Lviv Polytechnic. The flag of Ukraine was raised high at the half-mast to the tune of the Ukrainian anthem.

The greetings to the audience were addressed by Professor Yurii Bobalo, the rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Exactly 50 years ago, he, like the current freshmen, first crossed the threshold of his native Alma mater. In particular, he emphasized that, as never before, the key factor of the latest reforms is the intellectual potential of the nation, its ability to mobilize its intellectual, willing and moral resources to provide an adequate response to the current global challenges. Therefore, the role of higher education institutions, the demand for which is constantly increasing, is extremely important.

Today, more than 36 thousand students study in Lviv Polytechnic, one of the oldest and largest higher technical education institutions in Europe. This year, a friendly and united polytechnic family has been replenished with new talented freshmen.

On the square freshmen took the solemn oath. To the applause the University rector Yurii Bobalo rewarded them with a symbolic student card and a key to knowledge. Lviv Polytechnic chaplains, priests Taras and Yurii held a blessing ceremony. Oleh Syniutka, the head of the Lviv regional state administration, Andrii Sadovyi, the city mayor of Lviv and graduate of University, and Oksana Yurynets, People’s Deputy of Ukraine, Professor of Lviv Polytechnic, welcomed University students and lecturers.

Everybody observed a minute of silence to commemorate the Ukrainian soldiers who died defending territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine.

Orpheus National Male Choir, Gaudeamus National Students’ Choir, a concert band, Suzirya Folk Song and Dance Ensemble and Virnist National Dance Ensemble took an active part in the ceremony. Julian Zachariewicz, the first rector and the architect of the Lviv Polytechnic’s main building, and the first three University muses – Engineering, Architecture and Construction, and Mechanics – greeted the participants. The ceremony ended with confetti salute over the square.

Photo by Yosyp Marukhniak