Вступ 2019: рейтингові списки

Beautiful graphics by Lviv Polytechnic student: the first major personal exhibition of Iryna Nefiodova’s works continues

10 Jan 2019, 10:41
Press service of Lviv Polytechnic

A silent artistic sensation – this is how we can characterize the exhibition of refined graphic works by Iryna Nefiodova, entitled The World of My Little World and located in the cozy halls of the Lviv Museum of Ideas (18, Valova Street).

This is the first major personal presentation of the creative achievements of a young and ambitious artist who studied Architecture and Design at the Institute of Architecture of Lviv Polytechnic. The exhibition features 78 graphic works, which impress the visitors with their creative originality, freshness and extraordinariness of the artist’s worldview. The works represent the so-called unexpected linear figurativeness, combined with unusual fantastic images and color gamut. Wonderful poetry, written by the artist herself, harmoniously fits into the graphic context.

Iryna’s creative pseudonym – ERA Khelovneba – to a certain extent reflects her artistic credo. Era is time, and the word «khelovneba» from Georgian means «art». This is her era of art. And it is no accident, as Iryna was born in the Georgian city Kutaisi. Later she moved to Lviv, where she graduated from Lviv Polytechnic in 2004.

She is a professional architect and designer, fruitfully working in the architectural studio ARTaDOM. Since childhood, she has loved the world of fine arts. According to the artist, during her entire career she has often been drawing, as it was the only way she could realize her wish to metaphorically rethink the reality. By now she has already created almost 2 thousand original graphic works.