Вступ 2019: рейтингові списки

Khmelnytskyi Polytechnicians were presented a joint educational project from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt

7 Feb 2019, 12:40
Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College of Lviv Polytechnic

Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College of Lviv Polytechnic National University signed an agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the German city of Erfurt, which has considerable experience in the implementation of the dual education system in Germany. The contract is currently in force for specialties 131 Applied Mechanics and 133 Sectoral Mechanical Engineering and allows students to receive a German diploma and a College diploma as well. Signing agreement was preceded by the study and the approval of the material and technical base and educational facilities of the education institution.

On February 1, a presentation of this educational project took place at the college. The event was of great interest, the reading room was full of people who wanted to learn about the innovation that has no analogues in Khmelnytskyi region.

Speaking in front of the audience, the director of Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College Vadym Ovcharuk noted that today the biggest obstacle for students is the lack of language knowledge. But if a person is well-motivated and has good teachers, this barrier can be successfully overcome in a short period of time.

Denys Nevinskyi, Director of the German-Ukrainian Education Center of Lviv Polytechnic, established in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Erfurt, told about the experience of the Lviv Polytechnic colleges which were the first to take part in this program, presented the possibilities of the education center and introduced to the audience the teachers of German, who will teach students of Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College.