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Lviv Polytechnics lecturers are being trained in the UK as a part of the Creative Spark program

16 Jan 2019, 12:38
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

From yesterday, January 15, until January 24, a delegation of five Lviv Polytechnic lecturers together with the director of Tech StartUp School, Professor Nazar Podolchak, will be in the UK. This trip takes place within the Creative Spark program.

The main purpose of the trip is to study and elaborate a training course program for startups development in Ukraine.

This training program will be completely in the English language and will provide training for students and young entrepreneurs. Within the trip there will be several important meetings. In particular, we will have an opportunity to visit the Parliament of Great Britain, where we will take part in the round table «Real changes in Ukraine. Future leaders». There we will meet with Ukrainian public and political activist, singer Sviatoslav Vakarchuk. It will be an opportunity to exchange experience and hear from him the ideas of innovations in various spheres – economics, politics, public administration – in particular, to discuss the importance of forming new leaders and new political culture in Ukraine, new rules and laws. In February, Tech StartUp School of Polytechnic is launching a Higher School of Public Leadership, so this meeting is very relevant for us, said director of Tech StartUp School Professor Nazarii Podolchak.

The training for Polytechnic delegation will be conducted by the academic staff of Kingston University, as well as entrepreneurs from the UK business community and different hubs that develop business in the country. There will also be a meeting with the mayor of Kingston and vice-mayor of London. Also, the delegation will meet with the diaspora and discuss the possibilities of development of the crowdfunding platform StartEra.

– To implement the training program within the framework of Creative Spark grant, 20 academic hours are provided for students not only of Lviv Polytechnic, but all Ukraine. We have already signed agreements with 12 high education institutions of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Khmelnytskyi and Ternopil. The academic staff from the UK will also be involved in the training process. And after the training there will be a competition for the best ideas for startups (no matter what stage they are already developed in) and their presentation to the English community. The winners will receive prizes, comments from British experts and investments from Great Britain, added Mr. Podolchak.

The main idea of this program is to adapt startups to the markets of the European Union and the UK. It is clear that they will give more opportunities and should be of interest to young startup makers.