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Taras Kytsmey: The job payment must grow not because someone spends more time at work, but it must depend on human development

27 Mar 2019, 09:28
Nataliia Pavlyshyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

Global Trends in the Labor Market – such a rather deep topic was revealed to the Polytechnicians on March 22 by a co-founder and member of SoftServe’s Board of Directors, an entrepreneur with extensive experience, Opinion Lider for many people, a former lecturer at our university, Taras Kytsmey.

Almost two-hour meeting and lots of questions asking which students tried to find out everything they were interested in: the prospects of education, how professions will change, what qualities, skills and knowledge it is important to possess to be successful in the world today, and much more.

Which technological trends are in the market and how, in your opinion, they will affect global labor markets in the next 5–10 years?

Artificial intelligence, that is, the way to write programs or algorithms that a person cannot do, will have the greatest influence on the labor market. This is a new type of algorithms that the machine will generate basing on the given data. Today, these algorithms have already been developed, so now they are being accumulated and complicated.

We see it on an example of self-driving cars. It is likely that in 5–10 years, the need for taxi drivers may disappear. The same can happen with having your own car – it can be ordered by phone. Thus one car will serve many. It will be economically profitable. The parking business can change as well.

What advice can you give students today so that their skills would be in demand in the future?

Firstly, every student must understand where he wants to work. Lots of them study without realizing their future place of work. Therefore, vocational guidance is very important.

Also it is important to constantly develop, trying to acquire some new knowledge. For example, one of SoftServe’s strategies is to let its employees constantly develop. We have a plan for employee development, which provides that people must constantly add something new and specific to their knowledge and skills. Thus after such a development, a person gets promotion. I am convinced that the job payment must grow not because someone spends more time at work, but it must depend on human development.

Photos by Yosyph Marukhniak

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