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Time requires: a new research laboratory from the German Holding Leoni was opened at ICTA

29 Mar 2019, 15:31
Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

A research laboratory from the German Holding Leoni was opened at the Department of Measuring Information Technologies. So, from now on, students will be able to work with modern equipment used at manufacturing.

The provided equipment is used at all stages of manufacture, which enables students to master these processes – connecting technology, ultrasonic welding, coating technology, mounting board with wireless transmitters and control desk. The laboratory equipment will help students understand the whole process of building a cable system.

Students, lecturers, the leadership of the department and the institute, as well as University Vice-rector Oleh Davydchak, Deputy Mayor for Development Andrii Moskalenko, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Natalia Shuliak, Leoni employees, including Polytechnic graduates Ihor Prachun and Viktor Movchaniuk, attended the opening ceremony.

ICTA Director Mykola Mykyichuk emphasized that since this year the Department of Measuring Information Technologies celebrates its 100th anniversary, the new laboratory is a great gift. According to the Head of MIT Department Bohdan Stadnyk, due to laboratory students will be able to accomplish Leoni’s tasks.

Firstly, Managing Director at Leoni AG subsidiary in Ukraine, Stefan Schmidt, apologized he is not currently speaking Ukrainian, despite having been living in Ukraine for seven years and being married to a Ukrainian:

I am glad to contribute to the development of Ukraine. The company’s movement depends on our human resources. We are here to attract students as potential new employees to the future of our company, so we look forward to long-term cooperation.

Vice-rector Oleh Davydchak presented Mr. Schmidt with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Lviv Polytechnic leadership for cooperation and assistance in training specialists.

Lesia Heryliv, Head of Leoni’s Human Resource Department, spoke about cooperation with education institutions and student organizations, the development of dual education, the role of the laboratory in students’ life and the fact students of the department will be able to do their internships at Leoni.

The German Holding company Leoni is more than 100 years. It is one of the oldest enterprises, a global provider of products, solutions and services in the field of energy and data management in the automotive and other industries. It has offices in Stryi and Kolomyia.