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What is planned at University this year: plans for 2019 were discussed at a meeting of Academic Board of Lviv Polytechnic

23 Jan 2019, 11:06
Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

At this year’s meeting, first held on January 22, University Academic Board analyzed the implementation of the tasks of the last year and outlined new ones for this year, discussed the issues of development of inclusive education services, voted to include the scientists in the team of the Ternopil University authors’ for the State Prize in the field of education, elected new Associate Professors and Professors, handed over the diplomas of Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, as well as certificates of Professors and Associate Professors.

After the adoption of the Law of Ukraine «On Higher Education», standards and recommendations for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area, the system for the development of University education got the impetus for further development. This was stated in the report of Vice Rector Oleh Davydchak. The speaker analyzed the main developments in the quality of education since June 2016 – approved principles and procedures, developments of electronic document management system, principles on plagiarism prevention and detection, analysis of current standards of educational activity, implementation and certification of the quality management system of Lviv Polytechnic in accordance with the requirements of the State Standards of Ukraine (DSTU).

Vice Rector emphasized that all goals and objectives for 2018 were fulfilled and outlined 18 goals and targets for 2019. Their spectrum is quite wide – from the formation of educational programs, re-licensing of foreign students, the assessment of the quality of teaching by students, the improvement of the material and technical base and information provision of the learning space, the expansion of cooperation with enterprises and to the increase of citation of scientific publications, the number of articles in the scientific base of Scopus and Web of Science, commercial attractiveness of research, scientific and technical developments, the effectiveness of student research work as well as international cooperation.

Regarding the development of inclusive services, International «Integration» Center for Professional Partnerships establishes several services for different categories of people. It is also about the formation of barrier free architectural space and the adaptation of the university website to the needs of people with visual impairments, stated Vice Rector Roman Korzh and Director of the Integration Center Nina Haiduk.

Photos by Iryna Martyn and Yosyp Marukhniak