Admission for Doctoral Studies

Admission to the doctoral studies is implemented on a competitive basis.

The rules of admission to doctoral studies of the University are valid during the relevant academic year.

The preparation of ScD applicants at the Doctoral Studies Department is carried out in the full-time form of study.

Standard term for the preparation of ScD candidates at the Doctoral Studies Department is two years.

For admission to the doctoral studies the applicants: 

  • are expected to have a Doctor of Philosophy academic degree;
  • scientific achievements and no less than 15 scientific articles published in the professional journals on subject of the thesis (including at least 2 articles in the international refereed journals indexed in scientometric databases);
  • and the scientific results requiring the completion or registration as a thesis, monograph or scientific report on a set of the articles.

The admission rules are developed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine Number 1556-VII of 01.07.2014 «On Higher Education»; «Procedure of the preparation of applicants for PhD and ScD degrees in higher educational (scientific) institutions», approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the Decree Number 261 of 23.03.2016; «Rules of admission to the higher educational institutions in Ukraine in the year 2016», approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the Order Number 1085 of 15.10.2015; «Rules of admission to Lviv Polytechnic National University in the year 2016», approved by the Lviv Polytechnic National University Academic Board on 26.11.2016 (amended on 11.04.2016).

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