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Table for Vibrating Compaction of the Concrete Mixture

The vibrating table is designed for compaction of the concrete mixture of a definite granulation and humidity under the directed vibrations of the table surface at 50 Hz frequency. Design of the drive ensures only the vertical component of the oscillation, which is the most required in the process of vibrating compaction.
Technical specifications
Working range of the oscillation amplitudes – 0.2-1 mm
Working frequency of the oscillation – 50 Hz
Overall dimensions of the vibrating table for vibrating compaction of the concretemixture:
- width – 900 mm
- length – 1200 mm
- height – 850 mm
Weidth – 350 kg
Specifications of the drive of vibrating table for vibrating compaction of the concrete mixture:
- power – 4 kW

Основні переваги: 

easy setting up;

opportunity to change the dimensions of the packages;

smooth regulation of productivity.

Вирішує проблеми: 

automation of the process of concrete products manufacturing.


technology, finished product.