Запис вебінару «Особливості вступної кампанії 2017 року»

ESFL Startup Camp

The main idea of Lviv Liberty Camp is to bring together most forward-thinking and innovative students. We are going to learn, debate and innovate around such topics as libertarian values, individual freedoms, limited government, free market, blockchain, cryptoworld, AI, and cybersecurity. Our speakers will present you with real life examples of people who changed their societies and who put all their efforts in promoting core principles of individual freedoms.

At the end of the camp, each student will be able to present a project describing their business idea (based on a decentralized or peer-to-peer system) and explain how it is going to change our society and make it a freer place to live.

Besides that, we plan on having a lot of fun! Get prepared for the underground excursions, shooting range, rooftop party and many more!

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