Підготовчі курси (за програмою ЗНО)
Всеукраїнська олімпіада  Львівської політехніки

2nd International Conference on Academic Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Beijing

Main Tracks of the conferences:

  • Track1: Social and Community Studies
  • Track2: Arts
  • Track 3: Humanities
  • Track 4: Civic and Political Studies
  • Track 5: Cultural & Global Studies
  • Track 6: Environmental Studies
  • Track 7: Organizational Studies
  • Track 8: Educational and Communication Studies
  • Track 9: Economics, Finance & Accounting
  • Track 10: Business and Management Studies

Conference website :http://gissf.com/upcoming-conferences/gissf-arssh-2018/

For all conferences ,please visit :http://gissf.com/upcoming-conferences/

Accepted papers will be considered for publication in associated journals of this conference which include Scopus and Google scholars.