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Працевлаштування у компанію LG Electronics Mlawa

LG Electronics Mława Sp. z o.o. — the largest in Europe manufacturing facility of world leading electronic appliance producer — LG Electronics. One of the biggest most innovative production sites in Poland, located in the center of the country, 120 km north from Warsaw. The Company offers stabile working conditions and countless development opportunities including trainings and benchmarking in South Korea.

At this moment LG Electronics Mława Sp. z o.o. is looking for candidates for Junior Engineer position in Research & Development Team (Mechanical). The Company is interested mostly in Lviv Polytechnic alumni. If the recruitment would be successful, company will support this person in all matters related to relocation and legalization of his stay.

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LG Electronics Mlawa
Sp. z o.o.
ul. LG Electronics 7
06-500 Mława

+48 23 654 74 65



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