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Гуртки Малої технічної академії


Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences

Director of Institute: Sc.D., Prof. Petro Kalenyuk
Deputy Director, Dean for Master Studies: Ph.D, Assoc.Prof. Grygoriy Ponedilok
Deputy Director, Dean for Bachelor Studies: Sc.D, Assoc.Prof. Bohdan Bandyrskyy
Deputy Director for Student Issues: Sc.D., Prof. Myhaylo Skulskyy

5 Mytropolyt Andrei str., Building 4, Room 212a

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-21-34
(032) 258-21-29
(032) 258-21-23
imfn.dept [at] lpnu.ua


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