Львівська політехніка проводить набір на підготовчі курси

Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Director of Institute: Sc.D., Assoc.Prof. Yaryna Turchyn
Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Dean for Master Studies: Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Zoryana Kunch
Deputy Director for Educational Work, Dean for Bachelor Studies: Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Mykola Buchyn
Deputy Director for Student Issues, Dean for Bachelor Studies: Ph.D., Assoc.Prof. Oleksandr Horbach

5 Mytropolyt Andrei str., Building 4, Room 211

Номер(и) телефону: 
(032) 258-23-50
(032) 258-23-20
igsn [at] lp.edu.ua


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